Halo Cigs and Green Smoke: Best Disposable E-cig Option

Halo and Green Smoke need no second introduction to show that they are two popular e-cig products worldwide. These e-cigs are making a revolutionary change in the field of cigarette smoking. The main aim of these two e-cig brands is to provide the users with the authentic feeling of tobacco or traditional cigarettes without any unhygienic ingredients. It also includes keeping the planet safe. It is not only by saving the users from different harmful habits but also by providing them a greener lifestyle without any smoke.

Review of Halo Ecig and Green Smoke Disposables

There are thousands of electronic cigarettes in the market but all the brands are not concerned with the environmental problems. However, Green Smoke, which is trying to satisfy the customers by providing disposable e-cigs, which will ultimately decrease the pollution on earth.

It has its Disposable 6-Pack e-cig. You may enhance your vaping experience by using these devices. However, on an average the e-cigs will be usable 1.5 to 2 days in a single one. The consistent smokers may finish it within a day. It has only two popular flavors.

In contrast, Halo is one the way to make the e-cigs fully disposable along with the accessories. Different accessories of Halo will be fully disposable and some are recyclable too. However, different reviews are also not that much positive. The carry case of Halo will not be disposable fully.

Halo is also providing the service in making the planet and the users safe and sound. It will be easily accessible to the customers as the price will be within the budget. In most of the cases it is found that the smoke free smoking service of Halo is effective in maintaining a Greener Environment.

The Recyclable and disposable nature is now a prerequisite to have in any product including e-cigs. The price of these disposable e-cigs is also within the range as the coupon codes are very easy to collect nowadays. You just need to have some knowledge to know where to collect the coupon codes. The discount will be almost 25% of the total price of the e-cigs. Here are some links for your resource. Halo cigs coupons @ and Greensmoke coupons @

Why Apollo Cigs Is Better Than Other Top E-cig Brands

apollocoupons Why Apollo Cigs Is Better Than Other Top E cig Brands

You probably know about Blu cigs, V2 cigs and Green Smoke. They are three of the best E-cig brands around as said by many. All these 3 brands are indeed offer high quality E-cigs that produces thick vapor and full throat hit so you are sure to get your money’s worth. However, there’s another brand that’s been taking the E-cig industry by storm. This brand is Apollo cigs. Apollo cigs is an E-cig brand that had been around since 2009. We strongly believe that it is better than V2 cigs, Blu cigs or Green Smoke even though it is not as famous as those brands. Check out this quick Apollo cigs review below to know why Apollo cigs is better than other top E-cig brands. Stick until the end and we will even give you Apollo e cig coupons to get discounts. Read on.

Flavors Review
All four brands offer 100% US made E-liquid flavors so you are sure to get quality at its best. Their E-liquids had went through strict quality assessment tests and is tightly sealed to ensure freshness. However, Apollo cigs have the advantage when it comes to flavors. Apollo cigs offer 25 great flavors. V2 cigs offer only 12 while both Blu cigs and Green Smoke only has 7. This means that you’ll get more flavor options when you choose to vape with Apollo.

All four brands offer prefilled flavor cartridges but only Apollo cigs and V2 cigs offer refillable ones too. Having the option to refill and reuse your flavor cartridges is great for vapers. This allow them to save more money because an E-liquid refill only cost around 60cents while a new flavor cartridge all the time will cost $2. Furthermore, you can mix and match flavors when you are allowed to refill.

Battery Review
Batteries are the heart and soul of your E-cigarettes. Again, Apollo cigs beat other top E-cig brands when it comes to batteries as they offer 8 different types of it. Each battery is also so different from each other with the lowest power at 250mAh and the highest at 2000mAh. You have more options again to pick the battery that will suit your lifestyle. V2 cigs only offer 3 different types/sizes of batteries and an additional one with their ex series. While Blu cigs and Green Smoke both only offers 2. It is also worth noting that only Apollo cigs and V2 cigs offer manual options among the 4 top brands.

Global Presence
Apollo cigs global presence is more established than the other top 3 brands. Yes Blu cigs may rule the US. But Apollo cigs have offices in UK and Asia to make up for that.

Products for new and experienced vapers
Apollo cigs scope of products is wider than V2 cigs, Blu cigs and Green Smoke. While all three brands only focus at cig-a-like types which are only perfect for beginners, Apollo’s product line includes different types of E-cigarettes in their starter kits that can be perfect for any types of vapers. They have cig-a-like type for beginners, they have eGo type for medium level users and a very powerful Vaporizer for those advances users looking to get an out of this world vaping experience.

Free disposables
Apollo cigs give free disposables whenever you buy a starter kit. Free products are welcome all the time.

These are just some of the reasons why Apollo cigs beat V2 cigs, Blu cigs and Green Smoke. Try it for yourself and discover the Apollo cigs difference. Use these Apollo cigs coupons @ and get 20% off Apollo discounts. Enjoy!

Why We Love GreenSmoke

If you are thinking of switching to Electronic cigarettes, then you should consider choosing Green Smoke out of all the E-cig brands around. Green Smoke is one of the first E-cigarette brands around and the have withstand the test of time and is still outshining the others as of today. I havent seen any negative E-cigarette reviews about it and that means that they are really doing a great thing. No need to settle with E-cig brands that you are not sure of. With Green Smoke’s reputation and longevity, you are sure to get a great vaping experience. Here are some of the reasons why we love Green Smoke. Read this Greensmoke review now.

Awesome Flavors
Green Smoke offers three great Tobacco flavors that are so similar to the taste of traditional cigarettes and that is why we love it so much. The Tobacco Gold, Absolute Tobacco and Red Label are the closest ever to real cigarettes which makes the transition so much easier. Furthermore, Green Smoke also offers menthol options for those who love the fresh and minty scent. For those who want to try something different, Green Smoke’s exotic flavors like Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate and Cloves will leave you asking for more.

One Of A Kind Cartridge/Cartomizer
Green Smoke is best known to claim the spot for the E-cig brand that has the best tasting flavor, thickest vapor and more puffs to be made. This is all because of their cartomizer’s advance technology. Green Smoke’s cartromizers are one of a kind. They are the only E-cig brand that triple sealed their cartomizers to keep the E-liquid always fresh and they use a new technology that allows the coil in the cartomizer to produce really thick vapor and full aroma flavors. This technology also allows the cartridge to stretch the E-liquid further and one cartomizer is equal to about 30 regular cigarettes. You get more for your money and for each puff when you choose Green Smoke.

Superb Customer Service
Green Smoke’s customer service is one of their strongest points. Their support system had been fast, reliable and courteous and this may be the reason why they had been the leading E-cig brand for years now. Customer support is important because it makes the customer feel special. Even if products malfunction or something is missing from a kit, a firm’s reputation goes way up if they handle problems and answer questions promptly, courteously, and knowledgeably.

Green Smoke Coupons and Other Rewards
Green Smoke values their customer so much that they have many reward and points systems to offer. They have green smoke coupons all over the internet to help people get instant discounts, they have a loyalty program and they also offer a trade in program where you can trade in your used cartomizers for new Green Smoke products. We love this so much as it does not only help people to get free stuffs but it also help lessen the waste for the environment.

Website Convenience
We love how easy it is to shop at Green Smoker websites. Another great thing about the company’s website is how helpful it is. There are plenty of articles and information about E-cigarettes and you can learn a lot just by navigating their website.

Top 5 E-cigarette Brands That Would Give You Maximum Satisfaction

New to the Electronic cigarette world? Looking for the best electronic cigarette brands that will help you get the best vaping experience? Then here is our list of the Top 5 E-cigarette brands around that you should give a try. Stick with our recommended top Electronic cigarette brands and we are sure that you will never be disappointed on the performance. Read on.

#1 V2 cigs
V2 cigs simply stands out from the rest. Hands down they are the best because of so many reasons. For us they are the most complete brand, with starter kits that can cater to both beginner and advanced vapers. They have nice throat hit, thick vapor production and awesome flavors including 3 tobacco flavors that perfectly mimics the taste of real tobacco – the V2 red taste like Marlboro, the V2 Congress taste like parliamentary cigarettes and the V2 Sahara taste like Camel cigarettes – which are perfect for beginners to transition easily. V2 cigs is also the brand with the highest quality of Ecigs and E-liquids that they even publish the result of their batch testing on their website – something no other Ecig brand can do. Get V2 cigs today at a more affordable price using these v2 coupon codes. If you are still not convinced about V2 cigs, then this review for v2cigs will tell you more about the wonders of V2 cigs.

#2 Vapor Zone
Is an out of this world E-cigarette brand known for their very powerful battery performance. The style and look of Vapor Zone is something never seen in the industry, it is just amazing! Plus the vapor production, flavors and throat hit they produced can’t be compare to other brands. I believe that V2 cigs should watch out because it’s looking like Vapor Zone is the future of E-cigarette industry. Vapor Zone is a perfect brand for those who are advanced vapers already or if you are a serial smoker planning to switch and you need something strong. To know more about Vapor Zone, read reviews at today

#3 Blu Cigs
Blu cigs is the brand we recommend to anyone getting started. This is because Blu cigs perfectly replicates the smoking experience with their classic look, amazing tobacco flavors and very affordable price. Their vapor production and throat hit is not overwhelmingly strong which makes it perfect for beginners. Blu cigs had also been one of the first electronic cigarette brand around and is the brand that has the biggest celebrity following and media presence so you really can’ t go wrong with this brand. You’ll have a hard time not falling in love with Blu cigs as everything is cool here. From the Blue LED tip that they trademark to their Blu pack that has social feature which can be perfect to meet new friends and talk with other Blu cigs users. Get Blu cigs today at a more affordable price using these blu cigs coupons.

#4 Halo Cigs
After those brands, we can only whole-heartedly suggest you take a look at Halo cigs. Halo cigs performance can be leveled to V2 cigs, if only they have a wider option of starter kits to choose from, they may even have ranked higher on our list. We do however love their brass E-cigs design so much so it’s a plus point.

We wish there was a clear cut on what E-cigarette brand you should choose. However, people has different taste and presences so the brands we mentioned above and the FAR superior E-cig brands in the industry that you should try today.

FAQ: How To Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges

v2 cigs review 15 FAQ: How To Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges

Question: How do I refill my V2 Cigs Cartridges?

There are many ways to refill the e-liquid in your V2 Cigs cartridges. You can reuse your old cartridges, or you can purchase blank cartridges from V2 Cigs. They are designed to be reusable, so you can fill them with your choice of e-liquid and get some cost savings.

Below are some of the different methods you can try, so you can find the method that suits you best. Make sure to remove the battery before you start the process.

The Drip Method

Step 1: Remove the rubber safety caps from your cartridge.
Step 2: Use tweezers, a pin or the end of a paperclip to pierce a hole in the middle, so you can gently pry the cap off. Pull out the circular O-ring.
Step 3: Fill your dropper with e-liquid.
Step 4: Hold your cartridge at an angle, so you can carefully drip e-liquid around the inside edge of the cartridge until the filler is wet. If your cartridge is new, it will take between 10 and 18 drops to fill your cartridge completely.
Step 5: Wait for a few minutes before you put the O-ring back in the middle. Do not use immediately.

The Rubber Safety Cap Method

· Step 1: Remove the rubber safety caps from your cartridge.
· Step 2: Use tweezers, a pin or the end of a paperclip to pierce a hole in the middle, so you can gently pry the cap off. Pull out the circular O-ring.
· Step 3: Squeeze 6-10 drops of e-liquid into the rubber safety cap. Be careful not to put in too much, so you don’t end up wasting your smoke juice.
· Step 4: Once done, insert the rubber safety cap all the way onto the mouth-end of an empty cartridge. This will force the juice to go all the way into the cartridge.
· Step 5: Place the empty rubber safety cap onto the other end of the cartridge. Blow this end of your cartridge, so you can get rid of the extra e-juice.
· Step 6: Wait for a few minutes before you put the O-ring back in the middle. Do not use immediately.

The Drip Tip Method

V2 Cigs manufactures and sells aluminum and rubber drip tips to aid e-cigarette users in refilling their empty cartridges with ease.

· Step 1: Remove the rubber safety caps from your cartridge.
· Step 2: Use tweezers, a pin or the end of a paperclip to pierce a hole in the middle, so you can gently pry the cap off. Pull out the circular O-ring.
· Step 3: Attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouthpiece end of your cartridge.
· Step 4: Drip 15 to 20 drops of e-liquid directly into the drip tip hole.
· Step 5: Remove the drip tip and wait for e-liquid to absorb fully for 20 minutes.

Wait for a few minutes before you start vaping. If you use it immediately, you might burn it and you’ll just end up wasting your newly-refilled cartridge.

V2 cigs coupon codes

As a bonus, our friends at wants to give you these V2 cigs coupon codes to help you stock up on your V2 E-liquids or buy drip tips. Enjoy!

Get These V2 E-Cigs Coupons Cause E-cigs Are Healthier Alternative To Smoking!

ecigarscoupon 1024x682 Get These V2 E Cigs Coupons Cause E cigs Are Healthier Alternative To Smoking!

Ever since the public had been aware of the dangers smoking can bring to them, more and more people are deciding to quit smoking for good. However, quitting that habit is so much harder than it sounds. Many people fails on this and find themselves even more addicted to tobacco. Luckily, with the advancement of the technology, companies had been discovering innovative ways to quit the habit or at least an alternative healthier way. From nicotine patches to nicotine gums. And just a few years ago, they’ve hit the holy grail! Electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes are the newest product on the market designed to look and feel like real cigarettes, even emitting artificial smoke. BUT they do not contain any tobacco or carcinogens and other harmful substances normal cigarettes have. The electronic cigarette consists of a nicotine cartridge containing liquid nicotine. and a tiny battery atomizer that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor. The user can then inhale the nicotine vapor allowing them the same experience that traditional cigarettes give. The nicotine cartridges of the E-cigarettes come in various strengths. Most of the major brands such as V2 cigs and Blu cigs have full strength, half strength and minimal strength designed to really help people quit smoking as they can gradually reduce the strength of the nicotine until they quit. It also comes in different flavors too, to let people enjoy it even more. Joseph from from his v2 review says, “These definitely won’t break or leak in your pocket much like the larger EGO style vapes.” – See more at:

Aside from its health benefits, ecigs are also beneficial from a financial perspective. Because in case you dont know, electronic cigarettes can be use more than once. Just take off the nicotine cartridge and refill it whenever it is empty and recharge the battery from time to time. It is even cheaper as some brands retail e-cigarettes at $50-100 and you can use it for an unlimited amount. And nicotine cartridges is at a few dollars only. Just think of how many cigarettes you are consuming every year and how much. I am definitely sure that electronic cigarettes will help you save hundreds of dollars.  What’s even better? As with many popular products, v2 cigs releases 15% off coupon code for v2 starter kits. From two of the best e-cigarette brands around – V2 cigs and Blu Cigs avail this coupon and you are in for even more savings.

I do hope that electronic cigarettes would be more popular than ever and hope that soon it will replace real cigarettes.  It’s definitely a healthier alternative and can cut America’s cigarette bill.

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